Hidcote virtual tours

Bathing pool and Fuchsia Garden

Enjoy magnificent views through the heart of the old garden, discover exotic species in the plant house or take in vibrant colours along the red borders on one of our 360 degree virtual tours of Hidcote.

You can explore with your mouse, the control buttons on your keyboard or the control icons on-screen.
Using a mouse: Click and drag the cursor on-screen in the direction you want to look. If your mouse has a roller button, use it to zoom in/out.
Using on-screen icons: Click and hold the screen icons to navigate. The + (plus) and - (minus) buttons allow you to zoom in/out.
Using keyboard arrow keys: Press the arrow keys to navigate. The + (plus) and - (minus) keys allow you to zoom in/out.
Using keyboard tab keys: Tab through the on-screen buttons and hold down the space bar to navigate. Shift + tab will tab back to the previous on-screen button.
The Red Borders in September at Hidcote, Gloucestershire

Take a virtual tour of the red borders 

Experience the Red Borders filled with poppies on this 360 degree virtual tour of the garden.

The Plant House at Hidcote, Gloucestershire

Explore the plant house on this virtual tour

Imagine the warmth of the plant house and admire the climbing flowers on this 360 degree virtual tour at Hidcote.

View towards the house from The Old Garden at Hidcote, Gloucestershire, in June

Take a virtual tour of the old garden

Admire the abundant flower beds on this 360 degree virtual tour of the old garden.

Visiting Hidcote: what you need to know

We're looking forward to welcoming you back. If you're booking a ticket for a visit to Hidcote, in this article you'll find everything you need to know about what's open and what to expect from your visit. We've made some changes to our usual offer, to help keep everyone safe.