How the garden is managed

Hidcote is now open daily until the end of October and for weekends only from November and December and February through March. Our gardeners curate this living piece of artwork, throughout the seasons to ensure our many visitors experience the garden as Lawrence Johnston its creator, would have wanted.

Our Head Gardener, Sarah Malleson, works with Sarah Davis, the Assistant Head Gardener and the senior gardeners to set the daily tasks for the rest of the garden team. There are natural peaks and troughs of activity throughout the year, but Hidcote’s heavy clay soil, exposed location and the high amount of tender plants and annual planting gives our team a run for their money.

For those of our visitors who have come to Hidcote time and time again, you will recognise and love the winding paths, and small gateways between some of the enclosed garden spaces. These can be very interesting to navigate- especially for our garden team with a cherry picker or large machinery.

Our kitchen garden and greenhouses help to supply the rest of the garden with plants and flowers throughout the year and also provide produce that is used in both Winthrop’s and the Barn café.  At some points throughout the year, produce and flowers are sold in our potting shed, near the Kitchen garden. Our extensive garden displays alongside the pots, urns and containers throughout the estate mean we have to grow on average 4,500 plants per year from seed from our greenhouses.

During April, May and June, most of our work is focused on planting the seasonal displays. As we move later on into the summer, our focus turns to pruning, weeding and maintaining the borders.

Hedge trimming starts during the summer but is done in earnest from September to December, which with over 4 and a half miles of topiary and yew, holly and box hedging this is quite a feat! The autumn and winter gives us a chance to tidy up, and clear through borders.

We are also kept busy pruning, planting, doing larger projects and repairing damage from the previous season until spring comes around and we start all over again.

Our garden team also maintain the wider estate, including our car park, avenues and the verges and lawns of our estate village, Hidcote Bartrim. 

Thank you for supporting our garden and garden team by visiting us. It ensures Lawrence Johnston’s garden is available forever and for everyone to enjoy

Environmentally friendly and sustainable practices

Hidcote Garden aims to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

All food waste from the catering outlets and generated by our staff and volunteers is composted, alongside as much garden material waste as possible.

All compost used, not supplied by Hidcote is 100% peat free and any plants that might need to be brought in are peat free.