Temple of the Four Winds at Hindhead Commons

The Temple of the Four Winds, Hindhead Commons, Surrey

The lodge known as the Temple of the Four Winds was built around 1910 by Viscount Pirrie, a leading Irish shipbuilder and businessman.

Viscount Pirrie

The Viscount’s Witley Park estate included a deer park over this area and many elaborate picnic lunches were held at the lodge for his hunting friends. Viscount Pirrie used to enjoy looking out over his estate from here and admiring the extensive views. 
Sadly the lodge gradually fell into disrepair and was vandalised in 1959. By 1966 it had become a hazard and had to be dismantled.
Now only the stone base remains, and over the years scrub undergrowth has begun too obscure some of the magnificent views.

The lodge today

With help from the Black Down & Hindhead Supporters the scrub and undergrowth around the lodge remains has been removed opening up wonderful views and work will be undertaken to restore the stone plinth.
Venture up to Hurt Hill and see the ongoing work.