Things to do at Hindhead Commons and the Devil's Punchbowl

walker at Hindhead Commons and The Devils Punch Bowl

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get back to nature amidst beautiful surroundings here at Hindhead Commons.

Adventures for kids

Dress in old clothes and go on an outdoor adventure - run, jump, explore the woods and heathland. Fallen trees are great for balancing on and playing hide and seek. Pick up sticks and make a den or look out for mini beasts creeping nearby. At weekends head over to the shepherd's hut to borrow a tracker pack; they contain spotter sheets, pencils, binoculars and a compass to help your little ones explore the great outdoors. Download our autumn activity sheets. 

Breath-taking natural amphitheatre

Escape and wonder at the largest spring-formed feature in Britain – a breath-taking natural amphitheatre. The slopes are covered with heath, small streams and areas of woodland.

Gibbet Hill

This sandstone hill lies above the Devil's Punch Bowl and is the second highest point in Surrey. Admire the wonderful views across the Weald and look for famous landmarks; on a clear day you can see London and other Surrey hills including Leith Hill and Box Hill.

Escape back to nature

There’s a whole host of wildlife to discover all year round from birds and insects to grazing cattle and wild ponies.

Walk the old A3

Now that all traffic passes through the Hindhead tunnel, the route of the old A3 is redundant to cars and has become a super highway for wildlife crossing from the Devil's Punch Bowl onto Hindhead Commons.

Sensory highlights

The Commons are a wonderful place for the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Savour the far-reaching views; listen out for the many different bird songs including the nightjar, stonechat and woodlark and in the woodland green, great and lesser-spotted woodpeckers. Breathe in the woodland scents.

Stay a little longer

Close to Hindhead Commons and the Devil's Punch Bowl you'll find one of our holiday cottages, Emley Farmhouse which sleeps 10 people. Enjoy a short break or longer stay, exploring the Surrey Hills; return each evening to open log fires, peace, tranquillity and wonderful views.

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Rest and relaxation

Enjoy food and drink from the café and a stroll around the 300m easy access circular route from the car park to the sandstone viewing platform. Relax and admire the superb panorama across the Devil's Punch Bowl and beyond.