Spring Daffodils at Ightham


The arrival of spring is always a welcome sight for most of us and Ightham Mote is one of the best places in Kent to enjoy the Daffodils and emerging spring colour.

This year has seen a warmer than usual beginning to the year, which is resulting in a particularly strong start for the spring flowers. Daffodils are coming out across the gardens and bursting into colour, breathing new fresh life to the banks and borders.

Daffodils herald the arrival of spring
Swathes of daffodils at the bottom of the stone staircase in stable courtyard
Daffodils herald the arrival of spring

March and April are the best months to visit and see the spread of yellow. Bright yellow clumps at the start of spring, overlapping with the last of the Snowdrops and Hellebores. Later in March and through April a sea of pale white Daffodils take hold across the banks of the orchard.

Did you know?

  • Daffodils were first cultivated by the Romans, but were returned to popularity by the English from the 1600s.
  • The yellow from daffodils was used as a hair dye in medieval times to look more blonde.
  • They are one of the most hybridised flowers in the world.
  • Daffodils look lovely indoors too, but don't mix them with other cut flowers as the sap is toxic to them.
  • At Ightham, squirrels eat our tulip bulbs when we aren't watching - planting daffodils bulbs around them protects the tulips, as squirrels don't like them.