Summer on the Ightham Mote estate

A view of the countryside from the Ightham Mote estate

Trees are in full leaf, wildflowers bedeck the edge of the estate paths and a myriad of butterflies decorate the estate. At this time of year, baby birds are beginning to leave the nest, and the calls of birds and insects fill the air.


The Ightham Mote estate is a paradise for birds in the summer months, with winter and spring feathered visitors joined by the green woodpecker, turtle doves, sparrowhawk and swift. Fledglings are ready to leave their nests, adding to the morning birdsong that greets our early morning estate walkers.

Green woodpecker feeding its chick
Green woodpecker
Green woodpecker feeding its chick


A variety of British butterflies continue to bring colour to the estate, with dragonflies, damselflies, frogs and water boatmen to be found by the streams, lakes and ponds. Voles, harvest mice and bats add to the wildlife count during summer.

A white legged damselfly
White legged damselfly landing on a branch on the Ightham Mote estate
A white legged damselfly

Trees, plants and flowers

A glorious show of foxgloves, herb Robert (wild geranium), cow parsley, bramble flowers, common spotted orchid and speedwell give a spectrum of colour and variety to any of our estate walks. The trees are now in full leaf offering welcome shade for birds, wildlife and our visitors.

Common spotted orchid at Ightham Mote
A common spotted orchid in close up on the Ightham Mote estate
Common spotted orchid at Ightham Mote

Ranger activity
Our rangers and their volunteers continue with their spring repairs to our estate infrastructure throughout the summer, including mending paths, fences and steps. Rangers give a combination of educational talks, guided walks and undertake a number of wildlife surveys at this time. They will also provide support to our sister estates at locations such as Cobham Woods and Petts Wood.