Water on the land

School children measuring in a stream

Field studies on the estate and gardens investigating early stages of river development. Studying features, measuring and analysing outcomes, and finding about historical uses of water.

Curriculum Links

  • KS2 Geography: Locational and place knowledge; Humans and physical geography, Geography skills and fieldwork
  • KS2 History: Change in settlement and water supply / use over time
  • KS2 Maths
    Year 3-5: Mathematical calculation; Measurement; Statisticas and interpretation of data
    Year 6: Decimals and percentages; Ratio and propoertion; Measurement; Position and direction; Grid references
  • KS2 Science
    Year 3:  Working scientifically; Animals including humans; Rocks; Forces
    Year 4: States of matter
    Year 5-6: Properties and change of materials; Forces

During this full day workshop, pupils will follow the source of the water at Ightham Mote from the spring on the estate, down stream through meanders and the lakes in the gardens.  We conduct fieldwork exercises such as measuring the velocity of the river, looking at sediment size and the gradient of the land.

The session also looks into the history of water at the property. The day enables learning about fieldwork, team work and helps with character education and development of each child.

Group size: Up to one class per day, split into four groups. No minimum group size, however charge will be based on a minimum of 15.

Session duration: Five hours

Location: Estate and gardens. A wet weather plan is available to use and can be discussed in advance.

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Outdoor learning

Ightham Mote’s outdoor programme has been created with support from the rangers and local schools. It’s been designed to help develop contextual knowledge of the site, and to understand how physical and human features are interdependent.


Example timetable

9.30am Arrival and Welcome (start time can be flexible)

9.45am Estate walk - Children, school staff and Trust learning volunteers will walk up to the meeting point - a briefing on the layout of the day will happen here.

10.15am Geography detectives

Fieldwork activities on rotation, four groups will be needed for activities throughout the day, the equipment for fieldwork activities will be provided by Ightham Mote. Four sites on the estate will be used to carry out fieldwork such as measurement of water quality, size of bedload, measurement of width/depth of the stream and the velocity of the flow.

12.15pm Lunchtime (location depending on weather)

12.50pm Introduction to afternoon topics and meander activities

1.35pm History detectives

Discovery and Q&A. Meanders, maps and human use of water (e.g. the house, moat and flooding).

2.00pm South lake discovery and activities - end of the stream at Ightham Mote and plenary.

2.30pm Thank you and return to school.


Your day, bespoke to you

All Discovery Sessions can be planned to be age appropriate and cross curricular, tailored to your needs. A great way to enjoy learning outside in a safe and enriching environment.

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