Conservation in action after flash flood

Flood water in the house courtyard

Between 7pm-8pm on Saturday 25 June 2016, the Ightham area suffered severe flash flooding. Houses in local villages were flooded, and at Ightham Mote, the courtyard, several ground floor rooms, gardens and cottages were flooded. Here's a reminder of the work that was undertaken to remedy the damage.

" It was a swift and overwhelming torrent of water. Whilst we took immediate action, nothing more could be done to prevent the effects of the deluge of water."
- Bernadette Gillow, General Manager

The worst affected rooms were the Billiard Room, Library, Squire's Room and Crypt, although we also discovered water under the floor in the Butler's Pantry.

Latest updates

15 Feb 17

The fans are off

We're pleased to announce that we've turned the fans off, and we're back to our normal conservation care routines.

06 Oct 16

The Billiard Room is now open

Our conservation team have been stoically working on hands and knees for hundreds of hours to get the Billiard Room back to its former glory. Whilst there is still some more work to be done in this room, the floorboards are now gleaming, and we can re-open the room again.

The Billiard Room with its conserved floorboards shines again

16 Sep 16

The Library is now open

We're delighted to have re-opened the Library. Whilst we're not able to put down a carpet, and still have some access panels open to keep the air circulating, you can see the gleaming floorboards that the team have worked so hard on since June.

Library after flood, with carpet runner on bare floorboards