Looking after the garden at Ightham Mote

A team of 4 gardeners on their hands and knees planting the bedding display in the formal garden

Ever wondered how much work it takes to maintain Ightham Mote’s garden? As we carry out our work, we're going to update you with some of our highlights, as well as some tips and tricks.

Latest updates

21 Feb 19

Culvert tested

For the past three months we've been rebuilding one of the culverts across the North Lawn, which should feed into the moat. It has now reached a key stage where we have finally been able to test it. Following this success we are now capping and covering it ready to fully recommission soon.

Culvert being tested

19 Dec 18

Revealing the lost lake?

Our moat is fed from the north lake by culverts under the north lawn. One of these had stopped running and investigations found it had developed leaks. With appropriate consent and in partnership with Canterbury Archaeological Trust, we have excavated the lawn to carry out repairs. This has exposed an interesting section of medieval retaining wall, which we believe may have formed part of a dam supporting another lake where the north lawn now stands. These excavations will be visible to visitors until mid January while repairs continue on the culvert.

Repairing the culvert and exposing the old wall

03 Jul 18

The 'leaky' dam

Recently, our gardeners teamed up with our estate rangers to build a 'leaky' dam near the end of the garden. The dam will help with our water management, holding back any bouts of torrential water and spreading it onto the surrounding area. The water will then slowly drain back into the stream. This natural flood defence should take the pressure off of the moat in periods of relentless rainfall. Under normal rainfall conditions the stream will continue to flow as usual, passing beneath the structure

A man-made log dam under a bridge at Ightham Mote