Explore Kedleston Hall this half-term

Children building a den from twigs and branches Hudswell Woods

Step out into the wild as we explore what Kedleston’s parkland has to offer. Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or a place to practice your bush craft skills there’s something for everyone this half-term.

Start your 50 things Adventure

16. Make a daisy chain – head into the pleasure grounds to find the best daisies, see how long you can make the chain without it breaking.

Making daisy chains is one of our 50 Things to do before you're 11 ¾
A girl makes a daisy chain in spring

22. Explore inside a tree – Kedleston has some brilliant old trees to explore, especially if you’re brave enough to look inside!

Kedleston has some amazing trees to explore
tick off your 50 things activities explore inside a tree

31. Hunt for bugs – Spring is a great time to go bug hunting, head into the woods and see what creepy crawlies you can find. We even have some bug hunting packs available to borrow (first come first served).

A closer look
Child bug hunting

44. Go bird watching – With so many birds calling Kedleston home you won’t even need your binoculars. Down by the lake is the perfect place to spot our feathered friends. If you’re luck you might even see some spring ducklings.

Swimming lessons on the lake
Duckling on the lake

Derbyshire Traditions

Every year many Derbyshire communities create elaborate well dressings made from natural materials in a tradition dating back centuries. Large displays made from clay and fresh flower petals adorn wells and taps throughout the county to celebrate the gift of fresh clean water. Although the original origin of this tradition has been lost in the mists of time it is still a tradition upheld by many Derbyshire villages. This half-term you can get your hands dirty have a go at creating your very own well dressing… just on a slightly smaller scale! By using all natural materials it even counts towards one of your 50 things, number 18. Wild art – bonus!

Let’s go fly a kite… (no 7. On your 50 things list!)

With all of the open parkland on offer Kedleston is the perfect place for kite flying which is why the Midland Kite flyers are paying us a visit on the 14 May. Come along to watch their tricks and learn some kite flying tips, have a go at flying theirs or why not bring along your own?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a kite!
Kite flying in the sky