Kedleston's bluebells

A carpet of bluebells at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire

Spring is a brilliant time of year for walking at Kedleston. The bluebells are just starting to make an appearance at Kedleston and we can't wait for them to be in full bloom. There's nothing quite like a blanket of bluebells bringing the forest floor to life.

Throughout April and May Kedleston’s woodland is the perfect place for bluebell spotting. The forest floor becomes a sea of blue really bringing the woodland to life. The best places to see the woodland flowers is just a stone’s throw from the hall. Follow the Short Walk path running from the House of Lords gates up to the woods and be transported into a spring wonderland.

Bluebells at Kedleston Hall
Bluebells along the long walk at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire

The number of bluebells has risen quite dramatically in recent years with the continued thinning and appropriate management of the woodlands. The woodland had become overgrown which had greatly reduced suitable growing conditions for wildflowers. As each new area has been cleared then so too has the population of Bluebells risen in the subsequent years.

Bluebell flower head
Bluebell flower head

 In amongst the many Bluebells are daffodils and wood anenomoes which thrive in the dappled woodland of the outer perimeter. Various shades of primroses also adorn the Short Walk in spring with several species of wild orchids making their presence known in late spring.

A welcome sign of Spring in the Forest
A small clump of primroses

 These last few months has seen a massive drive within the top section of the Short Walk in order the brambles are cleared to once again reveal the many beautiful views and better appreciate the magnificence of the landscape as originally envisaged by Robert Adams.

South front of Kedleston Hall viewed from the Long Walk, painted by George Cuitt in ca. 1780
Painting by George Cuitt showing the south front of Kedleston Hall viewed from the Long Walk