Walking in the park at Kedleston Hall

Visitors walking their dogs near a lake at Kedleston Hall

Enjoy one of our marked walks and discover some of the most peaceful and interesting parts of the park. Bring along the whole family, dogs included, for a stroll.

Wilderness walk

The north side of the lake, known as the wilderness, is the most natural part of the parkland. With a mixture of woods and pasture, it is home to some of the oldest veteran trees in Derbyshire.

Fungi grows in all kinds of places
Fungi growing on a tree in the woodlands, Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire
It’s the perfect place to spot birds, with owls, buzzards and woodpeckers often spotted, as well as beautiful hares. It’s also where our Dexter cows spend much of the year, they keep themselves to themselves but please leave them be. We know how cute they are but cows (especially those with calves) can be easily upset by people getting too close, loud noises and dogs. We politely ask that people admire them from a distance so they are not disturbed.

Long and short walks

The long and short walks form part of Robert Adam's pleasure ground and were designed for the entertainment of ladies, with a winding path dotted with temples and follies. This year we're putting the finishing touches to the landscaping around the Hermitage which was restored last year.

Find Kedleston's hidden gem
Kedleston's restored hermitage

Head into the woods to find our natural play area, our outdoor team have created a place for children's imaginations to run wild made completely out of sticks and wood from the surrounding woodland. See if you can make a giant nest or make a den out of the sticks you find.

Get the family working together and build a den
Children building a den in the woods

This year we are resurfacing the long walk so there will be some disruption in the short term. Hopefully by the end of summer the whole paths will have a hardstanding surface to make Kedleston's long walk accessible all year round.


In spring, the walks boast a magnificent carpet of bluebells and white wood anemone, as well as views to the back of the house and across the parkland.

A carpet of bluebells at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire

Lakeside walk

Walk along the edge of the lake and see a whole host of waterfowl including geese, swans, oyster catchers, herons and coots.

The park and pleasure grounds at Kedleston are being restored to reflect its 18th-century origins
The fishing pavilion by the lake at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire
Otters have also recently been visiting the park and, although they don’t live here, we’ve built some otter houses to encourage them to stay. Be sure to take pictures and share them with us on our social media!