Restoring the State Apartment

Working on carving of the state bed

Kedleston Hall is one of the most important and least altered eighteenth century show-palaces in Britain. A Temple of the Arts created in the latest style by Robert Adam for his Lord Scarsdale who wanted to show off both his wealth and his taste, through the magnificent site of state rooms he created for his patron.

Although the state floor rooms remain structurally the same and retain almost all of their original treasures, they have been redecorated over time and generations of use has naturally lead to damage of furniture and works of art.

Over the past 30 years the National Trust has lovingly worked towards restoring the rooms to how they would have looked when people were first wowed by Kedleston in the late 1780s. We’ve reintroduced original paint schemes and restored precious gilt furniture and works of art.

The dressing room restored in 2009
Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire, the state apartment's dressing room restored
The dressing room restored in 2009

This process is reaching its final phase in the State Apartment, the last suite of rooms on the main floor of the house to be fully returned to its former eighteenth century glory.

Latest updates

05 Sep 16

The State Bed is starting to take shape

Since June the State Bed has been returning to the Hall and it's now really starting to take shape. The conservators have reassembled the main frame of the bed including the beautifully restored tester. Work continues as the final bits of braid are made and the upholsterers work hard to make the curtains and the bedspread. Next stop... adding all the gold carving which is currently in open storage beside the bed!

Reassembling the state bed in the state apartment at kedleston hall, Derbyshire

15 Jun 16

Reassembling the State Bed

The main structure of the State Bed has been carefully reassembled but as with every masterpiece it can't be rushed and there is still plenty left to do. Upholstery, fitting the mattresses, bed curtains and adding the carved and gilded decoration are just some of the things keeping our teams busy. It's all coming together nicely...

Reassembling the state bed in the state apartment at Kesleston Hall, Derbyshire

09 Jun 16

Time to say goodbye to Ked Bed

It’s getting really exciting as we move closer to the end of this amazing restoration journey. Our joiners have been taking down the Ked Bed today ready for the frame of the restored bed to be installed next week.

Joiners removing the temporary state bed, ked bed, at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire