'Photography in its Birthplace' at the Fox Talbot Museum

Claudio Santambrogio – Firefoot (from his series ‘Henry’s Butterflies’)

Our new exhibition featuring the work of Annemarie Hope Cross , Claudio Santambrogio, Laura Hartford, Mike Robinson and Ginger Owen opened at the Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock, Britain's birthplace of photography on 30 September and will run until 28 January 2018.

Over the last ten years we have hosted a number of visiting artists who have stayed for a few days to a few weeks to draw inspiration from Lacock and create work in the spirit of William Henry Fox Talbot. The artists in this exhibition donated a body of work from their time here to our museum and we would like to show the work inspired by walking in the footsteps of one of photography’s greatest inventors.

Laura Hartford – View from the Chapter House, Lacock Abbey
Laura Hartford – View from the Chapter House, Lacock Abbey

The work varies in process from Talbot’s own Photogenic Drawing and Calotype process to the Daguerreotype, the invention of his so-called rival in Paris Louis Daguerre. One artist responded to the Abbey by making a rubbing of the door Talbot used in his iconic image ‘The Open Door’ and used the rubbing then as a negative to produce a life size image in cyanotype, a process invented in 1842 by Talbot’s friend Sir John Herschel.

Henry Talbot invented the photographic negative at Lacock Abbey
Early photograph of William Henry Fox Talbot who owned Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire

The variety of approach to making images here varied widely and the choice of process and equipment had an impact on how these images were formed. But in the back of the mind of each artist was the ground breaking work of the inventor himself and the inspiration he drew from his home.

Mike Robinson – Sharington’s Tower, Lacock Abbey
Mike Robinson (Sharington’s Tower, Lacock Abbey)