'Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There' by Maggie Taylor

An edited image of Lacock Abbey by artist Maggie Taylor

Artist Maggie Taylor returns to the Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock with a new exhibition of digital artwork, on display until Sunday 12 January 2020.

‘Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There’

This the second of Maggie Taylor’s exhibitions to be displayed at the Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock, following the 2008 exhibition, ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Both exhibitions were created from artworks inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous stories and this second display features images used in a new edition of Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking Glass’, published by the University Press of Florida in 2018.

'Beware the jabberwock' by Maggie Taylor
'Beware the jabberwock' by Maggie Taylor
'Beware the jabberwock' by Maggie Taylor

Curiouser and curiouser

Taylor creates her artworks using photographs from the nineteenth century – the same era the Alice books were written in – which she scans on to a flatbed scanner and then digitally combines with other images.

Roger Watson, curator of the National Trust’s Fox Talbot Museum, explains, ‘Maggie uses her camera for some shots and scans books and objects. All these are then pulled together in Adobe Photoshop to make these really sumptuous images.’

One of the pieces in this new exhibition features an image of Lacock Abbey itself, transformed by Taylor into Carroll’s Looking Glass House. The abbey is famously the location of the invention of the first photographic negative by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1835.

" Maggie’s artwork beautifully combines the historic with the modern. Her technique is the perfect way to work with photography and with Lewis Carroll to bring his fantastical and absurd creations - characters that have never existed and situations that could never exist - to life. By creating realistic, photographically based images featuring non-real situations Maggie creates something unique that really works."
- Roger Watson

See for yourself

‘Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There’ is on display at the Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock, cared for by conservation charity, the National Trust, until Sunday 12 January 2020. 

Tickets are also available for an exclusive artist’s reception with Maggie Taylor on Friday 6 September 2019, 6-8pm, at the Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock. You can find more information here.

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