Autumn at Lacock

As the fading summer sun paints Lacock Abbey with rich, warming hues, September and October are filled with magical moments. Apples fill the trees in the orchard, and thoughts of bonfires and toffee apples fill the air. Winding back the clock in the abbey clock tower reminds us to create unforgettable moments with those we love.

A frosty morning in late winter at Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire

The abbey grounds

Lacock Abbey's beautiful grounds are a place to relax, explore and play. Wander through the changing colours, clamber up a giant tree stump and see if you can spot some of the local wildlife.

Visitors enjoying a walk

Our favourite nature walks

Celebrating the simple pleasures in life early spring with crisp, breathy walks with the promise of hot tea at the days end.

Cheese and tomato muffins

Cheese and tomato muffins

We love food and we've got some great recipes to prove it. Celebrate the onset of autumn with these light savoury cheese and tomato muffins.

A Victorian black slate and veined green marble mantel clock, circa 1880, dial signed by James Whitelaw of Edinburgh

Ticking clocks at Lacock Abbey

Explore more of Lacock's collections and discover a treasure chest of history, science, photography, art and more.

Upcoming events

Valentine's Day flower count

Sun 17 Feb 2019
Get involved in the South West flower count survey, and see how many blooms you can find.

The Explorer's Guide to Lacock

Sun 17 Feb 2019
The Lacock Abbey grounds are perfect for exploring all year round, with streams, gargoyles and botanic gardens all waiting to be found. What will you discover?

Spring flowers at Lacock Abbey

Sun 17 Feb 2019
With the appearance of snowdrops, crocuses and the sounds of birds shrilling through the crisp air, escape for a winter walk around the grounds at Lacock.

Photography exhibition at the Fox Talbot Museum by John Paul Evans

Sat 23 Mar 2019
These metaphoric photo series examine various points of view regarding gay marriage — with the pictures of ‘otherness’ fluctuating between the poignant, the comic, and a potentially disturbing presence in the domestic space.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt

Mon 08 Apr 2019
Bring the whole family together for fun and nature-filled discoveries as you spot the first signs of spring at Lacock. Follow the clues to finish your adventure with a delicious, chocolatey treat.

Healing Herbs in the Botanic Garden

Sat 20 Apr 2019
The Botanic Garden in Lacock's grounds will be bringing back the Healing Herbs border from last year due to popular demand.