Autumn at Lacock

As the fading summer sun paints Lacock Abbey with rich, warming hues, September and October are filled with magical moments. Apples fill the trees in the orchard, and thoughts of bonfires and toffee apples fill the air. Winding back the clock in the abbey clock tower reminds us to create unforgettable moments with those we love.

A view of Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire in the autumn

The abbey grounds

Lacock Abbey's beautiful grounds are a place to relax, explore and play. Wander through the changing colours, clamber up a giant tree stump and see if you can spot some of the local wildlife.

Cheese and tomato muffins

Cheese and tomato muffins

We love food and we've got some great recipes to prove it. Celebrate the onset of autumn with these light savoury cheese and tomato muffins.

A Victorian black slate and veined green marble mantel clock, circa 1880, dial signed by James Whitelaw of Edinburgh

Ticking clocks at Lacock Abbey

Explore more of Lacock's collections and discover a treasure chest of history, science, photography, art and more.

Upcoming events

Lacock's mythical creature family trail

Mon 24 Sep 2018
There is something hiding in Lacock's woodland grounds.

'First Women UK', a photography exhibition by Anita Corbin

Mon 24 Sep 2018
A decade-long project to capture the portraits of 100 pioneering women of the twenty-first century arrives at the Fox Talbot Museum this autumn.

Peace - The Ripple Effect by Anna Heinrich & Leon Palmer

Mon 24 Sep 2018
This autumn Lacock will be hosting the first in a series of artistic responses to the art commission 'Peace' at Lacock. Inspired by the places history of sanctuary, contemplation and reflection the artists will create an immersive experience.

Look inside a Lacock cottage

Mon 05 Nov 2018
Peek behind one of Lacock's closed doors as we open our holiday cottage, 2 High Street, for you to explore. It's one of the oldest buildings in the village and was used as a green room for the cast of Cranford.

Community Christmas Tree Festival

Sat 01 Dec 2018
Experience one of Lacock Abbey's more recent Christmas traditions with over 20 beautifully decorated trees in set in the atmospheric medieval cloister.

An Audience with Father Christmas

Sat 01 Dec 2018
Meet Father and Mother Christmas in their festive kitchen at Lacock Abbey. A unique experience in a cosy setting that is sure to please our young visitors.