Spending November at Lacock Abbey

This winter, we’re getting into the christmas spirit with our marvellously magical self-led family trail. At Lacock there are also puddles for jumping in, falling leaves to catch from the autumnal trees, and conkers to find.

Enjoying the family trail at Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey’s Sorcerer’s Shield

This winter, we’re celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter with our marvellously magical self-led family trail. Do you have what it takes to join Lacock Abbey’s Sorcerer’s Shield? When you visit the cloister, see if you can find the enormous cauldron…

Visitors make a starfish in leaves

Start some adventures this November

Catching a falling leaf sounds like an easy activity, but with a gust of wind the leaf that was heading straight for your outstretched palm often ends up at your feet instead. From climbing tree stumps to foraging for creepy crawlies and conkers, get stuck into our 50 awesome outdoor adventures.

Autumn at Lacock Abbey

Walking trails

Explore the grounds at Lacock with family and friends. It's full of stark beauty at this time of year, with early spring flowers such as snowdrops and winter aconities beginning to appear. It’s the perfect time to be inspired and to reconnect with nature.

Claudio Santambrogio – Firefoot (from his series ‘Henry’s Butterflies’)

'Photography in its Birthplace' at the Fox Talbot Museum

The work on display in our new exhibition varies in process from Talbot’s own Photogenic Drawing and Calotype process to the Daguerreotype, the invention of his so-called rival in Paris Louis Daguerre.