Springtime at Lacock

Spring is well and truly underway at Lacock and there's lots going on in the abbey, grounds and Fox Talbot Museum...

Wild garlic Lacock Abbey

Spring flowers in the abbey grounds 

Throughout spring, the abbey grounds are carpeted with beautiful blooms; the snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils of early spring now give way to tulips, wild garlic and roses.

Magnified image of petroselinum crispum; Parsley by scientist and artist, Jan Ramscar

'Plants in a different light' by Jan Ramscar

Scientist and artist, Jan Ramscar, presents an exhibition of botanical projection photograms at the Fox Talbot Museum.

Child photographing flowers

Lacock, camera, artists family trail

In its 800 years of history, Lacock has welcomed photographers, artists, film-makers and now, you. Follow the lead of those before and capture your Lacock moments on this fun family trail.

View across the fields towards Lacock Abbey in spring

Spring walks at Lacock 

As the evenings begin to stretch out, the tranquil Wiltshire countryside around Lacock comes alive with the sound of birdsong and new colours emerging. The perfect setting for a relaxing stroll.