Summer days at Lacock Abbey

What can you hear? How high can you stretch? Reconnect with nature and yourself on a mindful wander around the grounds of Lacock Abbey this summer. Why not bring along a downloadable spotter sheet and see what wildlife you can spot along the way? Or see how many things you can tick off your 50 things to do before you're 11¾ list?

Teenager lying on the grass cloud watching

Mindful moments family trail

Look out for Lacock's #mindfulmoments logs around the abbey grounds and strike your best yoga pose, meditate, or simply smell the roses to take you away from a busy day and calm the mind. Improve your wellbeing with positive thoughts and feelings this summer in Lacock’s peaceful grounds.

Ways to connect to nature

Ways to have a mini-adventure 

From collecting fallen petals, feathers and leaves to feeling lots of different textures, there are lots of ways to have a mini-adventure in nature. This activity sheet will show you how to create a journey stick with the things you find on your walk. You could also have a go at leaf rubbing and writing a nature diary.

How many butterflies can you spot?

Spot butterflies  

Butterfly spotting takes a little bit of patience, so take your time. If you're very still and are careful not to cast a shadow over the butterflies you see you'll be in with a chance of getting close to these winged beauties. Use this spotter's guide to identify the butterflies you see.

Discover garden wildlife

Spot garden wildlife  

Gardens are vibrant with colour and buzzing with life during the summer months. If you look carefully, you'll see bees hovering around flower heads, birds perching on fences and daisies lapping up the sunshine, plus much more. Use this spotter's guide to discover garden wildlife.

A boy playing in woodland at Alderley Edge and Cheshire Countryside, Cheshire

50 things to do before you're 11¾ 

Fancy running free in the fresh air, learning new skills and trying new things? Grab your gear and start your adventure.

 A family enjoying a picnic in the gardens at Stourhead, Wiltshire

No. 9 eat a picnic in the wild 

Why stay at home for lunch when you can eat in the wild? You can bring your favourite treats to your favourite place in nature. Read our top tips for planning a picnic in the wild.

A girl makes a daisy chain in spring

No. 16 wear a wild crown 

Making a daisy chain is a perfect summer activity when the sun is shining. All you need is a patch of grass with daisies and you're ready to start weaving your daisies into a wild crown.

A boy climing trees barefoot at Saltram

No. 24 go barefoot

Going barefoot gives your feet all sorts of sensations as you feel the different types of ground, from sand to earth and grass or moss. Close your eyes and see if you can work out what you're standing on - but don't keep them closed if you're walking.

Two children looking for birds

No. 44 watch a bird 

If you can find somewhere quiet to sit, watch and wait for birds then you'll be spotting them before you know it. Make sure you don't frighten them off, birds get spooked pretty easily.

Line drawing of the sphinx statue at Lacock surrounded by flowers

Lacock Abbey sphinx colouring sheet

In the garden, a sphinx sits proudly atop two columns. Download a PDF colouring sheet of the sphinx here.

Line drawing of Lacock cloister

Lacock Abbey cloister colouring sheet

You might recognise the medieval cloister from film and TV - its even appeared in Harry Potter. Download a PDF colouring sheet of the cloister here.

Line drawing of Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey colouring sheet

Lacock Abbey is packed with history. It started as an abbey and nunnery, then became a Tudor family home. Download a PDF colouring sheet of the abbey here.

Visitors arriving in the car park at Lacock

What to expect when you visit Lacock

The car park, abbey grounds and cloister at Lacock are now open. Here's what to expect and how to book your visit.

A family looking at spring flowers

Families at Lacock

Explore our fun family days out handy tips for family-friendly eating places and facilities. Make the most of your day out with the little ones without the stress.

A family enjoy the beach at Poldhu Cove

Summer holiday fun in the South West 

Looking for something to do with the family during the summer holidays? In the South West we've got plenty to keep everyone entertained.