Bluebells in the wood at Lanhydrock

Bluebells covering the woodland floor at Lanhydrock

Don't miss the magical bluebells in the Great Wood at Lanhydrock this spring. The best time to visit is April; why not book onto a special bluebell walk with the ranger team, finished off with a hot one-pot lunch?

Every spring, the Great wood is carpeted with swathes of sweetly-scented bluebells, a treat for the senses and a haven of calm and beauty. Read on to find out the best places around the estate to explore anytime or join the ranger team on a special bluebell walk to see the Lanhydrock spring at it's best.

Spot the difference

Can you tell your English bluebells from your Spanish?

The English bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) is striking, deep violet-blue , with tiny bell-shaped flowers which hang to one side of the stem (known as an influorescence). Spanish bluebells are very similar but their flowers hang around the stem, which grows straight upright.

Check for white pollen on the stamen inside the bluebell flower
Close up of a bluebell
Check for white pollen on the stamen inside the bluebell flower

'...sweet are the bluebells that hide in the valley...'    Oscar Wilde

The woodland walks at Lanhydrock are the best places to see the bluebells. Look out for beautiful displays along Lady's Walk or head up towards the stone cross for charming views across the house and estate, backed by a sea of blue. You can pick up a leaflet at Reception or gatehouse to show you the way. Please help us to care for the dancing carpets of bluebells by keeping to the paths. The pretty little plants take years to recover when trampled on.

Dappled sunlight on the bluebells, Lanhydrock
Sunlight over bluebells in the woods at Lanhydrock
Dappled sunlight on the bluebells, Lanhydrock