Lanhydrock Magnolia Charles Coates

Magnolia Charles Coates

Found by Borlase's Stream

Distinguishing Features
The flowers are fragrant creamy white with conspicuous red stamens. The oval leaves develop and open before the flowers.
Season of Interest
Late spring, early summer flowering, ‘Charles Coates’ shows off in the magnolia glade after the larger magnolias have finished their display.
This is a hybrid (Magnolia sieboldii x tripetala) and originated at Kew Gardens having been selected from seed by Charles Coates.  Hybrids may occur naturally or by deliberate interbreeding, they are indicated by using the symbol x in the name. This specimen has formed a small spreading tree since it was planted in 1975.
Look out for two younger specimens of 'Charles Coates' planted in the western higher garden in 2005 and 2006 as part of the National Trust’s ongoing aim to conserve the collection and propagate important specimens. The Trust opened its Plant Conservation Centre in Devon in autumn 2012 to provide a central nursery to support its many gardens in this vital work.