Horse riding, fishing & livestock

Horse riding through the woods

Essential information on horse riding in the parkland, fishing permits and helpful dates for dog walkers on livestock movements throughout the year.

Horse riding permits

Permits are issued annually and are valid from 1 July until 30 June. Fees are £25 per year for adults, £10 a year for children under 18, or £35 for a combined license. Applicants must provide evidence of public liability insurance. For an application form, please contact the Lanhydrock property office on or phone 01208 265950.


Fishing permits - Lanhydrock Angling Association

Daily tickets are £17 each, a weekly ticket is £35. These can only be issued Monday - Friday from the Lanhydrock property office. A legal license must be presented at the time of purchase. Daily and weekly tickets are only available from;

1 April - 31 August for sea trout

1 April - 30 September for salmon

Annual permits are not currently available. To add your details to the waiting list, please contact the Lanhydrock property office.

A parking pass must be displayed by annual permit holders for parking at Respryn.


Livestock movements calendar

The historic parkland is grazed by both sheep and cattle to maintain a tidy appearance and encourage species diversity. Below are the dates when livestock will be present in the parkland, which visitors with dogs may wish to be aware of.


Easter weekend; removed from Higher park 18 April, returned 23 April.
Horse trials; moved from Higher park and Jump field into Duck Pond field. 8 May, returned 13 May.
Dilly Cart race and Horse trials; removed from Higher park and Jump field into Duck Pond field 7 June, returned 17 June.
Summer holidays; removed from Higher park 25 July, returned 5 September.
Lanhydrock 10 mile run; removed from Higher park 19 September, returned 22 September.
Cattle removed for winter 31 October 2019, returned 1 April 2020.


Sheep returned to parkland 1 November 2019 and removed 31 December 2019.