Livestock, fishing and horse riding

Cattle grazing in the parkland at Lanhydrock

Information on the cattle and sheep grazed in the Lanhydrock parkland including helpful dates for dog walkers on livestock movements throughout the year. You can also find essential information on horse riding and fishing permits.


Livestock at Lanhydrock

The historic parkland is grazed by both sheep and cattle to maintain a tidy appearance and encourage species diversity. Please keep dogs on leads at all times when livestock are in the parkland. Below are the dates when livestock will be present, which visitors with dogs may wish to be aware of.



Cattle are inquisitive creatures and may come over to have a look and a sniff. If they do this and are showing signs of heightened interest in you or your dog then it is advised that your dog should be let off the lead. As soon as the cattle lose interest, which they will, immediately call your dog back and put it on the lead again. 

Cattle will be returned to the parkland at the beginning of April and removed for the winter at the end of October. Whilst the cattle are present in the parkland, a temporary electric fence will run down the drive, offering visitors to the house and garden a cattle-free route to the house. The parkland can still be accessed through the designated entrance ways. 



Sheep will be returned to the parkland early November and removed at the end of December When sheep are in the parkland please keep dogs on leads at all times.




Activities and Licences

Horse riding permits

Permits are issued annually and are valid from 1 April until 31 March. Fees are £25 per year for adults or £35 for an adult/child combined license. Applicants must provide evidence of public liability insurance. For an application form, please contact the Lanhydrock property office on 


Fishing permits - Lanhydrock Angling Association

All fishing on the estate and issuing of permits is now managed by the Lanhydrock Angling Association. 

Annual, Week and Day tickets can be purchased at For more informtion, please contact

Please note that enquiries and permits are no longer managed by the National Trust. 

A parking pass must be displayed by annual permit holders for parking at Respryn.


A kingfisher fishing from its perch
A kingfisher fishing from its perch
A kingfisher fishing from its perch