Summer gardens

Lanhydrock formal garden and gatehouse in summer

This season is the time to catch Lanhydrock gardens at their best. The formal parterre is a riot of pristine colour; cool off on a shaded woodland walk or spend hazy, lazy afternoons in the parkland.

Formal garden

The house fire in 1881 resulted in the loss of much of the historical record of the gardens of Lanhydrock. The house was originally completed as a quadrangle with an enclosed courtyard and a drive to gatehouse and Italianate garden.

In 1858 the formal garden was redesigned by London architect George Truefitt, with battlement walls and obelisks as well as 29 clipped Irish yews (Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata’) surrounding this area and the Parterre. The rose beds with the box hedging were added in the 1930s and are today planted with roses 'Fascination', 'Bright Smiles', 'Songs of Praise', 'Margaret Merril' and 'Escapade'.
Trimming of the yew trees takes place annually from late July into early August.

Higher garden

The arched gate marks the entrance to the Higher garden where the 7th Viscount Clifden began extensive planting in 1933 of large-growing magnolias. Summer is the best time to see the Borlase’s stream area in full display. Named after the former Lanhydrock Head Gardener who created it, the stream diverts water from the strong spring, which for centuries provided the water supply for the house. Here you can see astilbes, arums, rodgersias, and primulas in bloom.

Herbaceous border at Lanhydrock
Flowers in the herbaceous circle border at Lanhydrock
Herbaceous border at Lanhydrock

Herbaceous Circle

Once only a semicircle, the southern half was laid out by Lady Clifden before 1914, whilst the northern half was occupied by the remains of a greenhouse and potting shed until they were removed in 1972. Find a seat in the sheltered corner by the sundial and soak up the sun whilst listening to the bees hum amongst agapanthus, dahlias and geraniums. Why not learn more about planting and maintenance in the June Herbaceous border workshop, bookable through our events page?

Woodland garden

Seek out some shade and go for a stroll through the woodland garden, where you can catch some beautiful views over the house from the hillside, which until recently was obscured by mature rhododendrons. A quieter part of the garden, the woodland extends up as high as the Treffry Cross. Green and peaceful, the bank is a fascinating sight in early summer when the ferns unfurl their fronds.

Having fun outdoors at Lanhydrock
Mother and child enjoying the trees at Lanhydrock
Having fun outdoors at Lanhydrock