Waggy tails welcome

Dog on a walk

If you've got a soft spot for friends of the four-legged kind, you're not alone. A quick browse through the Victorian family's albums reveals as many images of pets as of people.

Walkies etiquette

Please keep dogs on their leads in the parkland when livestock is grazing there. At all other times dogs are welcome if kept under control. Only assistance dogs are permitted in the garden.
To help you help us keep Lanhydrock looking lovely we've got bins for dog waste in various places popular with dog walkers around the estate, including near reception, the car park and near the entrance to the house courtyard. You can download a map of these bins here:
Lanhydrock's doggy bin locations (PDF / 0.8994140625MB) download
The Victorian children loved dogs too!
The Victorian children with their nanny and a terrier
The Victorian children loved dogs too!