Lanhydrock's early history

The same family owned Lanhydrock for over 400 years. Find out about the people who lived here - who loved the place, who loathed it and even who wanted to have the whole place knocked down...

Portrait of John Robartes from Lanhydrock, Cornwall

The early years: 1621-1685

Meet the men who built Lanhydrock, whose family were to own the house and estate here for the next 400 years.

Portrait of Charles Bodville, a previous owner of Lanhydrock

Neglect and demolition: 1685-1798

Lanhydrock was unloved for generations who thought it was an unpleasant place to live. Find out how the house narrowly escaped complete destruction.

Portrait of Anna Maria Hunt from Lanhydrock, Cornwall

Salvation and tragedy: 1798-1881

Lanhydrock was saved by a woman ahead of her time. Anna Maria Hunt was a shrewd businesswoman who overcame personal misfortune to transform Lanhydrock for her son to inherit - an inheritance which was to prove fatal.