The Victorians and their legacy

The Victorian Agar-Robartes family - Thomas Charles, his wife Mary and their large family - came to Lanhydrock following tragedy and it was another tragedy that ultimately led to the family's decline. However, unlike many previous occupants, they loved Lanhydrock and made it a happy home. Learn about their highs and lows of their time here.

Artist's impression of the fire at Lanhydrock in 1881

Like a phoenix from the flames

Lanhydrock House is a paragon of Victorian style and design. Yet it only appears as it does because it was completely redecorated in the 1880s following a fire which destroyed parts of the building and ended the lives of its occupants.

Photograph of the Victorian children from Lanhydrock

A happy family home: 1885-1915 

After the devastation of the great fire in 1881, Lanhydrock became a happy family home where Thomas Charles and his wife Mary raised a large family. But the shadow cast by the First World War brought tragedy to the family yet again.

Servants cleaning carpets at Lanhydrock

Life below stairs at Lanhydrock 

Victorian life was luxurious for the privileged Agar-Robartes family, but what was it like for their servants? Find out more about life for the staff who kept Lanhydrock running smoothly.

An early drawing of Lanhydrock house

Lanhydrock's early history

Lanhydrock house was bought as a status symbol by a man who never lived here and was neglected and unloved by generations, narrowly escaping complete demolition before finally being brought back to life by an extraordinary woman.