Copper Summer at Levant

Dressing the ore at Levant

Despite being on the Tin Coast, Levant Mine produced 130,000 tons of copper. There is evidence of shallow mine workings from the seventeenth century at the site. It was a major copper producer until tin over took in the 1850s.

This summer, we are celebrating this history with our Copper Summer.

Copper trail

Try out our copper trail running from Saturday 22 July to Sunday 3 September, free with entry. Follow the process of getting copper from the ground.

Copper smelting

On Wednesday 16 and 30 August, a master swordsmith will be at Levant demonstrating the age-old skill of smelting. Demonstrations will be on the hour every hour, no need to book in advance.

Rock crushing

Don your safety goggles and pick up your hammer for some rock crushing overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Try your hand at crushing the ore, just as the balmaidens would have done in the mine's heyday. Find the fancy dress box to really get into character as a balboy or balmaid for this hands-on activity.