50 things to do before you’re 11¾ in the North West

Enjoy the great outdoors and get closer to nature with our list of ultimate activities for young adventurers. You can build a den, eat a picnic in the wild, make friends with a bug or climb a huge hill. And it doesn't end there – you can enjoy doing our '50 things' again and again, in all seasons. They're simple to tick off, but guaranteed to add even more adventure to your day out.

Family on an autumn walk

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Children playing on the mill meadow at Quarry Bank

Quarry Bank

The gardens and woodland at Quarry Bank are the perfect playground for nature explorers. Get to know a tree (No.1) or try your hand at building something and have fun with sticks (No. 12). There are plenty of bridges for a game of Pooh sticks (No.19) in the river, and if you bring a friend along you're ticking off No.50 too!

Flying a kite as a family


You can tick off plenty of your '50 things to do before you’re 11¾' activities at Lyme with lots of places to explore. Follow your own trail of '50 things' as a family, or head up the hills in the parkland. On windier days, Cage Hill is the perfect spot to fly a kite (No.7). You'll also tick off No. 28 – getting to the top of a really big hill!

Child riding their bike through a puddle in a typical autumn day out at Speke Hall

Speke Hall and Gardens

You'll need your best map reading skills (No.45) to help you find the Secret Garden at Speke Hall. Once you've found it, have your very own scavenger hunt (No.30) to gather things for some wild art (No.18). In the woods, you'll find plenty of sticks to make a trial for your family to follow, or create your own sticky fun (No.12).

Mum and toddler in autumn park with deer

Dunham Massey

There are all sorts of animals at Dunham Massey, including deer, and you can discover the clues they leave behind (No.34). The flat pathways in the park at Dunham Massey make it a great place for little learners to ride a bike or scoot (No.11) as well. Pick out the best stone to skim in the moat (No.5), or lay on the lawns in the garden and watch the clouds as they pass over (No.33).

Child having fun at Rufford

Rufford Old Hall

Get making at Rufford Hall and enjoy plenty of '50 things' activities. Create a mud pie (No.13), make a home for wildlife (No.36), and skim a stone in the canal next to Rufford (No.5). You'll be spoilt for choice and you're sure to end your day with lots of our '50 things' ticked off!

A family go bug hunting in autumn

Hare Hill

You'll find plenty of bugs to make friends with at Hare Hill (No.31) if you know where to look in the secret walled garden... You can discover what's in the ponds (No. 35) at Hare Hill too and you might just spot a frog or two during your visit. The lawn in the walled garden is perfect place to make some wild art (No.18) from things you find around the garden and woods.