Butterfly spotting in the Midlands

Dare we say the butterfly is the nation's most loved insect? They're a sure sign of summer and sunny weather, but due to reduction in suitable habitats numbers are in steady decline. A handful of properties here in the Midlands actively monitor the butterfly population, in the hope we can work to reverse this downward spiral. But thanks to gardens and landscapes with a huge variety of flora and fauna we still have some of the best places to see them.

Peacock and tortoiseshell butterflies on thistles at Charlecote Park

Recording Charlecote's butterflies

Butterflies are among nature's most important pollinators. See what you might discover on a stroll through our gardens and parkland - and find out how we're working with the British Butterfly Trust.

Orange Tip Butterfly

Looking after Croome’s butterflies

Croome’s parkland is home to a wide variety of plants and flowers which provide an invaluable habitat for many species of butterflies.

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on lavender at Gunby

Bounty of butterflies

With its many different flowers and sunny, sheltered areas the Gunby gardens are a haven for many different species of butterflies. Find out more about the butterflies and moths that call Gunby their home.

Peacock butterfly on heather

Summer butterflies and moths

Longshaw's a brilliant place to come and spot fantastic butterflies, moths and dragonflies.

A small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly

The Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary butterfly

We are lucky to be able to look after this special butterfly here at Shugborough. Find out more about how our ranger team look after their habitat

A butterfly perched on a magnolia at Stoneywell, Leicestershire

A Fluttering of Butterflies

While away an hour or two admiring the butterflies and bees of Stoneywell; the delicate jewels that visit our fragrant flowers

A peacock butterfly (Inachis io) feeding on buddleia bush

Butterflies at Belton 

Nothing says summer better than a walk in the sunshine with beautiful butterflies all around.