Gardens and parks in and around Berkshire

As late summer ripens into autumn, the light changes and softens. Colours become more vivid as gardens give their last hurrah. Moving into autumn, foliage takes up the mantle to blaze with gold, russet and red. Why not make a visit to the gardens of Basildon Park, Greys Court or Cliveden in September, then head back for a parkland walk later in the season to enjoy the colours of the trees.

The fourteenth-century Great Tower from the Kitchen Garden at Greys Court, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

Greys Court 

The kitchen garden earns its keep in autumn at Greys Court with lots of produce heading to the kitchen for jam and cakes.

The blazing colours of the hot border at Cliveden


The borders in Cliveden’s Forecourts remain bold and bright through into October. The Water Garden comes into its own in autumn in as the Acers, Ginkgo and ornamental cherry trees glow with flaming colour reflected in the pond.

Cattle grazing in the autumn colours of the parkland

Autumn colour at Basildon Park 

See the landscape at Basildon Park change colour this autumn on a parkland walk whilst you take the time to be surrounded by changing hues of red, orange and yellow.

The Vyne's wild garden in autumn

The Vyne 

As the days get colder, you’ll find bright spots of foliage colour in the gardens. The liquidamber and swamp cypress trees around The Vyne’s magnificent lake gradually turn crimson and purple, creating beautiful reflections in the water. In the ancient woodlands beeches and oaks mingle with sweet and horse chestnuts, producing a coppery-gold leaf canopy, interspersed with the orange-red foliage of native whitebeam.

Sandham in the summer 2019

Sandham Memorial Chapel 

Behind this chapel lies an intimate, cottage-style garden, brimming with flowers in early autumn. Mauve and red asters and sedums mingle with white and pink Japanese anemones in this tranquil spot - the Garden of Reflection. In the front, Sandham’s little apple orchard is full of historic apple varieties, some of which you can take home, for a small donation. Please book to visit.

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