Gathering thoughts at the Eisteddfod

This year at the Eisteddfod our blogger Richard Neale will be writing about the highlights of each day as we welcome speakers, musicians, storytellers and artists by some of the country's most prominent characters to our ‘shed’ in Cardiff Bay.

Richard Neale, Cyflwynydd a blogiwr yr Eisteddfod | Presenter and blogger at the Eisteddfod Richard Neale Cyflwynydd a blogiwr yr Eisteddfod | Presenter and blogger at the Eisteddfod

Introducing our blogger - Richard Neale 

A day to go until the busiest week of my year. A day until I dive into the excitement of all things Welsh, the National Eisteddfod where I'll be presenting a series of talks and performances at the National Trust' 'Shed Talks'.

Day one at the Eisteddfod in Cardiff

Saturday blog at the Eisteddfod 

Three fascinating public discussions, a Patagonian-Welshman singing Spanish tangos, and…oh…a talk by me. This was a suitably energetic kick-start to our week-long programme at the National Eisteddfod in Cardiff.

Twm Elias, Eisteddfod

Sunday blog at the Eisteddfod 

Learn about Twm Elias, a highly regarded in Wales as a broadcaster, story-teller, weather-lore expert and a driving force behind the excellent Llên Natur online repository of nature records and the cottager’s journal Fferm a Thyddyn.

Siân James, Eisteddfod

Monday blog at the Eisteddfod 

What's the miners' strike got to do with the National Trust?

Andrew Green, Eisteddfod

Tuesday blog at the Eisteddfod 

Somebody once said, “If you’re not open to constructive criticism, then you’re not open to truly growing as a person.” I guess that the same thing could be said about organisations.

Elfen, Eisteddfod

Wednesday blog at the Eisteddfod 

We're just over half way through our programme of Eisteddfod Shed Talks and I’m struck at how all the talks seem to be connected. The subject of one leads on to the next, and they’re already beginning to build a unified picture of where the National Trust in Wales is now and, more importantly, where we need to go in the future.

Manon Steffan Ros, Eisteddfod

Thursday blog at the Eisteddfod 

There’s no doubt that National Trust properties deliver exactly what its website promises: ‘a fun day out’. But this morning’s talk at the Eisteddfod has reminded me that its properties can also offer something far more profound.

Angharad Tomos, Delyth Prys, Eisteddfod

Friday blog at the Eisteddfod 

This morning’s speakers at our Eisteddfod stand shared an amazing tale that is relevant to all organisations active in Wales that aim to preserve our country’s linguistic diversity.

A look back at the Eisteddfod 

Richard Neale takes a look back at the Eisteddfod highlighting some of our shed talks.