Monday, 6 August at the Eisteddfod

The National Trust presents… a vibrant programme of talks, music, objects and stories to reflect on our work across Wales.

Siân James – The Miners’ Strike: In conversation with Dr Tomos Owen, Cardiff University | 11.30am

Siân James is from the Swansea Valley and was a young mother when the Miners’ Strike began in 1984; she then began volunteering to feed and support families in the coal mining communities. Following the Strike she campaigned for women’s rights and was elected a Labour Member of Parliament for Swansea East (2005- 2015). Siân continues to campaign for women’s rights, community causes and social justice. Tomos Owen is a lecturer in the School of English, Communication & Philosophy at Cardiff University. He has a research interest in different aspects of Welsh literature.

Owen Griffiths a Rabab Ghazoul – Gentle/Radical | 4.30pm

Venue: BayArt, 54 Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5AF. Rabab Ghazoul and Owen Griffiths are co-directors of Gentle/Radical. In this talk, they explore the hidden narratives across museum collections, colonialism, labour, slavery and land. Repositioning the values associated with the colonial in Wales to the participation of Wales in the wider European colonial project, they will map routes back to our modern-day experiences of the preserved country estates, the picturesque and The Regency period. What does a post-colonial cultural program of reparation and resistance look like? What is Wales’s vision beyond Brexit, austerity and disenfranchisement, and who will author it? Gentle/Radical is a Cardiff-based artist led organisation dedicated to social change at local and global levels. Working across culture, activism, academia and grassroots community development, we create events and projects around the issues of our times. In 2014 Griffiths was the British Council Exchange Fellow and in 2015 Ghazoul represented Iraq at the Venice Biennale; both received the Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales Award that inspired the formation Gentle/Radical.

Peter Finnemore - Soundscapes I, II & III | 7pm - 9pm

Soundscapes I, II & III is a series of episodic audio chapters to convey different atmospheres and themes that have strong associations with Wales. These audio journeys revolve around landscape, weather, farming and industry, cultural and sporting icons, politics and language, art and folk memory. The soundscapes are an audio collage relevant to the spirit of the Eisteddfod, while playfully finding new ways to connect different generations and histories. Peter Finnemore is one of Wales’ leading figures in contemporary art. He is best known for his photographic and film work that explores generational memory through his family home in the Gwendraeth Valley; memories that remain topical as much as they are historical. In 2005, he represented Wales at the Venice Biennale.