Working with nature in Wales

As Wales's biggest land owner, we look after a lot of nature and wildlife. We strive to maintain our land as an environment that supports a rich diversity of life.

Shepherding at Hafod y Llan, Snowdonia

Conservation shepherding at Hafod y Llan

Learn about how Hafod y Llan manages shepherding in a way that protects and restores sensitive habitats and maintains traditions.

Aerial view of Cwm Ivy marsh

Cwm Ivy: Where the sea comes in

Cwm Ivy has undergone a transformational change since the sea wall breached in 2014. Find out more about this process and the reasons behind it happening.

Llanerchaeron’s park land meadow, Ceredigion

Save our Magnificent Meadows

Hay meadows, important grassland habitats, over recent years, have faced national decline. In Ceredigion we’ve been working to restore our meadows as part of the 'Save our Magnificent Meadows' project.

Cwm Idwal, Snowdonia, Wales

Darwin discoveries at Cwm Idwal

Discover what brought Charles Darwin to Cwm Idwal, a very special place that was created over 500 million years ago.

Bluebells by Cwm Llan waterfalls above Hafod y Llan

The nature of Hafod y Llan

Hafod y Llan estate proved to be one of our most successful appeals to date with around 250,000 people donating more than £5m. Find out what makes this place so special.