Top spots for wildlife in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire

With warmer weather, longer days and lots of healthy habitats, there’s an abundance of wildlife to spot. From red kites and ravens at Watlington Hill to beautiful meadow butterflies at Pinkneys Green, search for a few of your favourite beasts this summer.

A wildflower meadow at Pinkneys Green, Berkshire

Pinkneys Green - Maidenhead Commons  

Meander through our hay meadows to reveal a rich variety of grasses, flowers and buzzing insects. Your best chance of seeing one our marbled white butterflies between the blades is in mid-July. Listen out for the distinctive calls of the skylark, whilst the long grass provides a haven for voles, shrews and field mice.

red kite

Watlington Hill 

Discover fine views over the Oxfordshire Plain and fine wildlife as you walk to the top of Watlington Hill. The top quality chalk grassland here is home to 25 species of butterflies, including chalkhill blues, silver spotted skipper and dark-green fritillary. The hill is one of the best sites in the Chilterns for viewing red kites. Look carefully and you may see buzzards soaring amongst them.

Wellingtonia Avenue

Finchampstead Ridges, Berkshire 

Discover the hidden gem of Finchampstead Ridges, one of the National Trust's oldest sites. Listen out for the songs of birds nesting amongst the heather or perched on the pines, and watch out for the displays of colour provided by the healthy population of butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies.

Common toad in a muddy puddle

Discover beautiful habitats at The Chase 

The Chase is a beautiful mosaic of habitats covering 143 acres close to the Hampshire/Berkshire border. It's predominantly made up of broadleaf and coniferous woodland interspersed with several streams cutting their way through the reserve. Look out for areas of wet woodland and emerging heathland teaming with wildlife.