Winter wildlife in the North East

From cheeky red squirrels to shy deer, there's plenty of wildlife to be found right here in the North East, even in the chilly winter months. Here are our top spots for nature-lovers.

A red squirrel eating nuts

Catch a red squirrel at Wallington 

With a dedicated ranger on hand to enhance their habitat, Wallington is fast becoming known as Northumberland's top red squirrel spots. There are more than 200 living across the estate but the enchanting West Wood is a haven for this protected species.

A roe deer peers between trees

Spot a deer at Gibside 

In the morning light, deer have been spotted eating the acorns from the oaks along the avenue at Gibside. They've also been sighted in Snipes Dene and leaping out of the grass in front of the majestic banqueting hall. The challenging, five mile wonders of nature trail is a great route for finding these elusive creatures.

Otter print at Allen Banks, Northumberland

Be patient for an otter at Allen Banks 

Inquisitive, playful and intelligent, otters are fun-loving creatures! They are semi-aquatic mammals and live in holts around water edges. We've sighted them at Hagg Bank at Plankey Mill, just look for clues to their whereabouts in the sand and mud on the river bank. Tread quietly and carefully and you never know what you may find.