Winter wildlife in the North West

Winter is a great time to see wildlife, as animals and birds are out hunting for food and can be seen much more clearly without the usual cover of leaves and foliage. See our top pick of places to spot winter wildlife in the North West.

Fallow Deer resting in the sunshine on the lawn by the South Front of Dunham Massey

Deer and swans at Dunham Massey

As spring arrives the deer at Dunham Massey start to drop their antlers. If you're eagle-eyed and very lucky you may just stumble across some antlers in the grass (which you can keep). And it's not just the deer you'll spot; our resident swans come back to the ponds at this time of year too.

Kingfisher at Low Wray Campsite

Spot a Kingfisher at Quarry Bank 

Keep your eyes peeled along the meandering stream at Quarry Bank for flashes of blues. Kingfishers are regularly spotted, as well of a host of woodland birds along the banks. For those more eagle-eyed, you may also be lucky enough to spot an otter.

Deer in the front of the House at Lyme, Cheshire

Red deer and birds at Lyme

The moorland and woodland at Lyme are home to many animals from magnificent red deer to a variety of birds. Look out for redstarts and pied flycatchers nesting in the wood. You can learn more about the birds at Lyme on a Dawn Chorus walk with our rangers too.

A robin in the Winter Garden at Dunham Massey, Cheshire

Keep busy with birds at Alderley Edge

Take a walk through the winter woods at Alderley Edge and see if you can spot bluetits, robins and other native woodland birds.

A red squirrel eats a nut at the base of a tree at Formby

Formby forest fauna and beach birds

See if you can spot a red squirrel in the woods at Formby, busy looking for its winter stash of food. Along the coast migratory birds dip and dive through the breakers. Wrap up warm!