The Pamela Ward collection

Pamela Ward (1908 -1994) by Philip Callon Humphreys (Chorlton 1905 -Wansdworth 1986)

Eclectic and diverse, it is a vast miscellany of intriguing and often unusual items that were owned by a woman who was just as interesting as her collection. Two former bedrooms in the villa at Llanerchaeron house this unique assortment of antiques and curiosities, known as the Pamela Ward Collection.

Early Life

Pamela Muriel Ward was born in 1908, the daughter of a concert violinist and a colonel in the army.

Much of her young life was spent in India where her father was stationed.  As a teenager she travelled extensively throughout Europe, often unchaperoned.

Independently wealthy, she never married and seemed to revel in being free to do whatever took her fancy.

Antique Shop

In the 1960s, Pamela decided to open an antiques shop in Knightsbridge which sold ‘little things she liked’.

Her habit for collecting had begun from acquiring souvenirs on her early travels and she tended to treat the running of the shop as a hobby. 

According to her friends, she would sometimes become too attached to certain items, removing them from sale at the last moment.

Pamela’s Legacy

In the 1990s, long after her shop had closed its doors but living in a house filled with treasures, Pamela decided she wanted to leave her collection to the National Trust, to be placed in a Georgian house.  

After her death, her trustees chose Llanerchaeron as the right setting to receive her collection and with it came the money from the sale of her London house.  This re-roofed Llanerchaeron at a time when funding for the restoration work was greatly needed. 

With over 5000 items in the collection, we regularly rotate what is on display, often using social media to guide our choices so that our supporters can become virtual curators of this fascinating and incredibly personal collection.