Marsden Moor

A group of walkers crossing the moors

Upcoming events

Summer solstice

Thu 21 Jun 2018
See the views on the longest day

Friday Plant Sales

Fri 22 Jun 2018
Great selection of plants

Secrets of Wessenden

Sun 24 Jun 2018
Learn some interesting local history

Marsden Moor three peaks

Sun 01 Jul 2018
Rise to the challenge

Sheep Shearing

Tue 03 Jul 2018
Do you know how it's done?

Over and under adventure

Sun 08 Jul 2018
A boat trip and a walk - a great adventure
Marsden Moor


A curlew, which are found on Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire

Discover our wildlife 

Discover the variety of birds, animals and insects that call our 5,500 acres of unenclosed moorland home.

Marsden Moor

Our work

Rangers out on patrol on Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire

Restoration and conservation 

Gully blocking, Plug planting and using Heather brash and all techniques and skills we use to keep our very unique moorland landscape in top condition. Discover more about the work we do.

Marsden Moor

Get involved

Marsden Moor Volunteers in orange bolier suits, arms in the air.

Join our team 

Volunteers bring a huge number of skills to many areas of our work at Marsden Moor.