Firefighters beating the fire on Marsden Moor, April 2019

Marsden Moor has been ravaged by a series of moorland fires, the most significant of which was over Easter weekend in 2019. These fires have devastated the landscape, which is home to many rare nesting birds and mountain hares. We're working hard to restore fences and dams and replant an important moss. Find out why we need your help.

Carrying out the work required to restore the landscape and prevent future fires will be a long and difficult process, but with help from National Trust supporters and by working in close partnership with Yorkshire Water and Moors for the Future, we are doing everything we can to protect this special place.

Firefighters tackle the blaze on Marsden Moor over Easter 2019

The Marsden Moor appeal 

The Marsden Moor appeal has been set up in order to help us restore this landscape. All donations will go towards looking after Marsden Moor.

Craig Best, National Trust Countryside Manager for Marsden Moor, explained "The money raised through the Marsden Moor appeal is helping us with the restoration process. For example, fences and dams on the moor need replacing.

"Unfortunately much of the area that has been affected had recently been planted with sphagnum moss, a key peat-forming species. We will be looking to replant this, as it won’t grow back without our intervention. This type of moss is known for its water holding capacity so it will also help to reduce the likelihood of future fires on the moors.

We intend to replant sphagnum moss as part of our efforts to restore the moor
A close up image of native sphagnum moss
We intend to replant sphagnum moss as part of our efforts to restore the moor

Craig added “We would also like to look at ways to reduce the risk of future fires by making the moorland wetter, for example by blocking gullies with dams in order to trap peat and water behind them.

“We have been so grateful for the support we have received and I would like to thank everyone who has donated to our appeal so far.”