Fun and learning at Melford Hall

Mother and child ringing the ship's bell at Melford Hall Suffolk

At Melford Hall we have a number of ways of keeping our younger visitors interested, both indoors and out.

The very young can earn an I found Jemima sticker if they tell the person at the front door in which room they found Jemima Puddle-duck.

Indoors we have the Bugs and Beasties trail describing the many pests that we are constantly fighting against. Our leaflet will show you how to identify the presence of these pests and describes the damage they can cause. As you walk around the house you can see if there is any damage and where to look for different pests.

For those of you interested in the art and objects found around the house we have three different Spot it! trails. These vary in difficulty for different ages with some fairly obvious items but others which require more thinking about.

If you are a thinker and like to use your brain ask for the Melford Hall crossword. the answers will be found around the house. If you are not sure our volunteer room guides are always happy to help out.

If after all that hard work you need to relieve your stress if you ask the volunteer at the front door they might let you ring the big ship’s bell.

After the visit of the house you can let off steam outdoors by following the clues on our Nature trail. This will teach you about some of the wildlife that can be found in different parts of the garden. All these trails can be found at the front door.
If you are under 11¾ you can complete some activities from our 50 things to do booklet. Ask for your copy with our 50 things map at the gazebo or gate lodge when you come in.