Harvest time at Moseley

Successful harvest at Moseley in Autumn

September and October are the time to gather the remainder of our harvest, from apples and pears to the vegetable crop. In the past before freezers and fridges were invented, this bountiful time of the year was celebrated. We find ways to preserve our produce and share it with you.

Just as we would have in the 17th century, we work to not only grow our own fruit and vegetables, but also harvest what we can from hedgerows - such as damsons and blackberries. Corn dollies were made from the last corn of the harvest, holding a special place at a harvest feast and kept until spring to encourage the new crops.

We celebrate our year's harvest on Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 September 2019, on the weekend of quarter day Michaelmas, when we press apples.

It's the time of year to see if our wassailing worked. Find out the stories behind our heritage variety apples, pears, quinces, medlars and more and try our homemade produce.

All of our traditional varieties will be on display for you to see and you can buy some to take home. We also have demonstrations of beekeeping from the South Staffordshire Beekeepers - and you can buy honey produced from our own hives.

Children will also enjoy our traditional craft activities; have a go at fruit printing or why not head down to the wood and play in our tree hide.

Join in the fun and find out more.