Nutty delights and a hint of honey at Moseley Old Hall

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The nut walk, running along the southern wall of the garden, consists of pairs of nut trees pruned to simulate coppiced trees and to create a colonnaded effect through which the Knot Garden can be glimpsed. Under the hazels a variety of small bulbs and corms grow in the grass to provide seasonal interest.

Going nuts

The two types of nut grown are the common hazel nut (Corylus Avellana) and whilst the name of ‘hazel nuts’ applies to all nuts in the family – the ones from this tree are actually cob nuts.
The other species is the Filbert (Corylus maxima) which produces a longer and more elongated nut.

A growing colony

Helping to pollinate all the plants, fruit and vegetables in our garden are our bees. They, and one of the hives in our wildflower meadow, were purchased as part of the BBC’s ‘Bee Part of it’ campaign which aims to help save the declining population UK of honey bee.
We were given another hive by a retiring member of staff  and another two hives in the field belong to a local beekeeper.
We sell our own honey in the shop when it is available.