Raising the roof at Moseley Old Hall

Star chimneys at Moseley Old Hall

Here at Moseley Old Hall, we are entering 2019 with a lot of exciting projects on the go. In a bid to show our love for our places, we are working on various aspects of the property - from lighting, to electrics and heating; with the most important of these being our re-roofing project. After we started seeing snow indoors in December 2017, we realised there were some serious problems with our roof at the Hall.

Snow in the attic

Following the discovery of outside weather inside the attic, we arranged for a surveyor to assess any possible damage to the tiles, guttering and joints. As a result of this survey, we carried out short-term works replacing some tiles and repairing small portions of the guttering. This urgent work cost us over £10,000 for scaffolding, materials and conservation trained contractors. Much of this money came from our supporters buying membership, hot drinks and cake, and supporting our events throughout the year!

Discovering more damage

However, during this repair work, serious damage was discovered and we were recommended a more in-depth survey to assess future works for the roof. The second survey recommends immediate repair to further portions of the tiles, joints and guttering. This will require scaffolding to encapsulate a part of the Hall, as well as hiring contractors who are familiar with historic environments. As the work in 2019 is far more extensive than our 2018 repairs, the costs alone are expected to exceed £30,000. We are, however, anticipating that once the project is started, we may reveal more problems that will expand the timeframe, cost and manpower needed – this anticipated work could reach up to £60,000. 

How you can help

As a matter of urgency, to keep our special place safe, we are hoping to raise the funds for the roof and any imminent work that may need to be done to keep Moseley Old Hall safe forever, for the enjoyment of future generations. There are lots of ways to get involved, from sponsored activities, to direct-to-property donations, with raffles, afternoon teas, and ice creams in the middle. Everything you give here at Moseley goes directly towards helping us save the home that saved a king.