Shopping at Moseley

Moseley Shop Spring 2018

There is plenty to explore in our shop and second-hand bookshop...

Barn Shop

Our visitor reception and shop are in our large threshing barn. Here you’ll find this season’s National Trust products; blankets and throws; jams and biscuits; scarves and kitchenware. This is also the place to stock up on plants, greetings cards and post cards as well as our excellent new 2018 guidebook.

Whether you're treating yourself or a loved one, there is something in here for everyone. Every purchase you make helps us to look after our special place.

Second-hand Bookshop

Resting just next door to the Barn Shop are hundreds of pre-loved books waiting for their new homes. There is a book for everyone here - so if you are an avid reader, looking to start or complete a collection, or considering a new hobby, pop in and see what can tempt you. You could find the latest bestsellers or forgotten classics, photographic collections or wildly imaginative children’s tales to name but a few.

What will you discover here?
Second Hand Bookshop Moseley Spring 2018
What will you discover here?

There's no need to spend a fortune on reading, and the best part is every penny made by a second-hand book sale goes towards important conservation or projects at Moseley Old Hall.

" I know not how in the world to abstain from reading"
- Samuel Pepys


The second-hand bookshop relies on donations of books to stay well-stocked, but please phone in advance if you would like to bring in a large amount so that someone can help receive them.