Summer Fun and Relaxation at Moseley Old Hall

A group of young children standing by a fallen tree trunk being shown how to use a bug hunting magnifier

There’s lots to see and do this summer at Moseley Old Hall, whether you're big or small! From learning about Tudor life to exploring the outdoors - there is something for everyone. Moseley's gardens are the perfect place to make memories with your families and friends this summer. Explore our gardens, woodland, meadow and tree hide and even treat yourself to an ice-cream or cream tea from our Cart Shed Kiosk.

Listen out for sounds of nature, marvel at the beautiful summer colours and feel the grass between your toes this summer at Moseley Old Hall.

Download our summer events guide here: What's on at Moseley Old Hall this Summer 2021 (PDF / 0.1MB) download

Feeling energetic?

Burn off some energy here at Moseley in our woodland tree-hide - who is brave enough to go down the climbing rope?

Like getting messy? Practice your cooking skills in our outdoor mud-kitchen. For your safety, the metal pots and pans have been removed from the mud kitchen. Remember you can also save the tubs from your ice creams to use as pots and pans!

Can you make it around our turf maze? See if you can follow its course to the centre.

You can also complete build a den - find the biggest fallen branches that you can to make your frame and then decorated your new woodland hide-out with your friends..

Or why not have a game of croquet or skittles on the lawn? 

Climb a tree(hide) to remember at Moseley
Boy swinging on rope at Moseley
Climb a tree(hide) to remember at Moseley

Creepy Crawley Trail

Join our Creepy Crawlies trail and discover the bugs, bees and butterflies which help … or wander our beautiful gardens.

Discover the creepy crawlies in our trail
Branches of a tree growing length ways across the photo, with string cobwebs and fake spiders suspended through the branches.
Discover the creepy crawlies in our trail

The perfect picnic spot

Moseley offers the ideal quiet spot to stretch out and relax in the meadow for an afternoon in the sun. Bring a good book and listen to the grasshoppers in the long grass.

You are welcome to picnic anywhere in our gardens, but if you’re looking for benches then head to our picnic area in the farmyard. Please remember to leave all areas how you found them and help us by taking your rubbish home with you.

Kings Walk Wood at Moseley
Down in the Woods at Moseley
Kings Walk Wood at Moseley