To catch an Moseley Old Hall

Lord Spencer, historian and author

We were very pleased to host a book signing by historian and best selling author, Charles Spencer, at Moseley Old Hall on 5 November. 'To Catch a King' is his latest book, capturing the thrill of the hunt for King Charles II when he was on the run from Parliamentary forces in 1651.

The book is the true story of one of the greatest escapes in British history. After defeat at the Battle of Worcester the young Charles II fled for his life with a vast price on his head to escape the men who had killed his father, Charles I, and wanted him – and all traces of the monarchy – dead.

Charles II hid in numerous places, often evading capture by only moments. Even while he was at Moseley, an unassuming farmhouse, the soldiers came twice; but not only was he not discovered, his supporters finally had time to plan the rest of his escape to France. 

We are so pleased that a new book about this incredible story has been written by such an eminent historian as Charles Spencer. The book includes original research from new sources about the life-changing six weeks he spent on the run.