February Half Term Fun at Moseley Old Hall

Ready to wake up the trees in 2018

Join us this February half term in waking up our trees for 2020 - it works every year!

Traditionally celebrated on Twelth Night, wassailing is the ancient custom of visiting orchards in cider-producing regions, reciting incantations and singing to the trees to promote a good harvest for the year.

The word 'wassail' comes from the Anglo-Saxon phrase 'waes hael', which means 'good health', and as we have lots of varieties of apple and pear trees in our orchard, it is now tradition at Moseley Old Hall to wassail when everyone can get involved in February. The louder, the better.

Start or finish your wassail by toasting marshmallows by our woodland campfire. Little ones can complete one of the 50 things to do before 11 ¾ and it's good fun for adults too.

Wassail will take place at 2pm each day, Saturday 15 to Wednesday 19, with mulled apple juice to follow.

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