Artist residency at Mottisfont

An art book, Space Time, created by artist Eileen White

From 11 October, artists Eileen White and Suna Imre will be starting a collaborative residency at Mottisfont, lasting for 12 months.

They'll be at Mottisfont one day a week, normally on Tuesdays. Their work will be based outside, so you'll be able to see and engage with their progress. They also hope to offer a variety of participatory workshops over the course of the year.

Eileen White uses historical photographic processes such as ‘Cyanotype’, combined with print, drawing, stitch and book-making to create work that responds to a specific place, historical monument, museum or artefact.

Her working processes allows for reflection and embodiment through the documentation, collection and recording of images and impressions over time. Eileen will be expanding her use of alternative photographic and printing techniques to capture fleeting moments and illustrate a narrative about Mottisfont’s particular landscape.

Suna Imre work explores the use of ceramics, painting and found objects to promote contemplation and an appreciation of site and nature.

'Assemblage 2', a sculptural work by artist Suna Imre
A sculpture by artist Suna Imre

The practice of Zen underpins her way of working, which includes spontaneous actions guided by intuition.

Responding to seasonal changes through making, contemplation and conversation will enable them to develop their individual processes and create new collaborative work based on their surroundings.