Autumn colour at Mottisfont

The sun shines through golden leaves in the grounds of Mottisfont, Hampshire

Our gardens are ablaze with colour in autumn, from late September through to November. The stately trees which frame our house and grounds are crowned with red, orange and gold shades.

Mottisfont is home to the National Collection of plane trees, including the great plane - thought to be the largest of its kind in Britain. Framing the east side of the house, this veteran tree boasts a dazzling autumn display to greet you as you enter our grounds.

Follow hidden paths beside the winding font stream to discover a more secretive glade of autumn colour, where yellow birch trees drop golden leaves to dirft with the current.

Autumn colours glow beside the font stream
Yellow plane trees and other autumn colours beside the font stream at Mottisfont, Hampshire
Autumn colours glow beside the font stream

Chestnut trees lining the upper half of our main pathway glow with yellow-orange leaves. Another star of our colourful show is the hornbeam, which explodes into a canopy of orange and scarlet. Two tulip trees also come into their own during this season, as their acid green summer foliage turns a magnificent pale gold.

Our tulip trees turn a magnificent shade of gold in autumn
Bright gold leaves displayed on a tulip tree in the grounds at Mottisfont, Hampshire
Our tulip trees turn a magnificent shade of gold in autumn

In the walled gardens, our once-flowering roses have left behind colourful, ornamental fruits, or 'heps'. These brighten the gardens in autumn, and provide local birds with an important source of food. 

A fresh walk through the gardens offers opportunities to take in these stunning sights. Wander at will or take advantage of our free daily guided walks - just chat to one of our outdoor guides to find out what's on offer when you visit.

A path by the river at Mottisfont, Hampshire in autumn

Autumn walks 

Take in all the colours of autumn with a walk around our gardens, or head into our wider estate. Experience our grounds with a free guided walk, or stroll freely along winding paths. If you fancy a a longer walk, head out into our neighbouring countryside. Our estate trails offer views of a changing landscape, with opportunities for blackberry picking along the way.